Getting mail on your smartphone is a great tool to have on the go, here’s our suggested setup! If you are unsure if your on Android 4.2.x simply go into your phone’s Settings then scroll to the bottom and choose “About Phone” then it should list “Android Version” – if nothing else this should be close to your particular Android version to get rolling.

All screen shots reference this is a test domain, not one you should use, simply substitute your domain name for this dummy domain and you’ll be good to go!

Step #1

Use your Email Address & Password, however instead of using the Wizard choose “Manual Setup” – this will create a easier setup.

Account Setup 1/7


Step #2

This is a personal choice, but as you are on the go, and you likely check your email elsewhere choose “IMAP” which will store your mail on the server and keep it where you can access your mail at home and not have it downloaded to your phone only!

Account Setup 2/7

Step #3

If you used IMAP or POP3 both will work with the following settings, however shown are the configuration options for IMAP only

Account Setup 3/7

Step #4

In the servers simply replace “” with your domain name, this is only the example – but replace any references to with your domain and you’ll be off and running!

Account Setup 4/7

Step #5

Choose wisely on this as the frequency you choose can have a drain on your battery, so choose these options carefully, if you notice a battery life drop you can always adjust these later in settings.

Account Setup 5/7

Step #6

Finally label your account so you recognize the account in the listings.

Account Setup 6/7

Step #7

Your off and running! Inbox is configured, and your ready to send!

Account Setup 7/7

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