Spam is a real issue for any website, it may start out slow, it may blast in by the thousands a day – while we can’t stop it all, we do our part to try and limit it, but also give fair control to you the customer as what say customer “Bob” may consider spam, customer “Jim” is subscribed and loves that mailing, so to enable spam protection and customize it to your needs you can login to cPanel ( and under “Email” there is a option marked “ASSP” – this will allow you to adjust spam protection.

To limit the amount of spam first and foremost protect your email address, using functions like the E-mail Obfuscator which takes your email address and makes it into a blur of code which email harvesters can not read from your website as 9/10 your email gets added to the lists by you simply having your address on your website.

Secondly make sure you do not do tons of CC/TO emails, if your forwarding onto friends try BCC so that other email addresses can’t be used to forward on again, as if it is in the TO or CC section and someone forward the email it once again spreads your address around, so be mindful of what you forward or who you share your address with, as it may lead in your address and others getting into the hands of a spammer.


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