It’s hard to keep up these days, you may be new to the web and you want to get the most of your website, but you just need a extra pair of eyes to see why you are getting a error message on your desktop, so how do you get help?


Best way to get a shot of what’s happening on your desktop to post to a ticket is a screenshot of what is going on your desktop, be it an error in your email app, or something is just COMPLETELY out of whack on your website and no one else can seem to see it, so capture it and send it in for me to see!

Windows Computers:

  • Hit Print Screen
  • Open Microsoft Paint (Usually found in Accessories)
  • Hit Paste.
  • Save as JPG or BMP
  • Attach to your trouble ticket!

Apple Computers:

  • Press Command (⌘)-Shift-3
  • Check your Desktop for a new Image
  • Attach to your trouble ticket!

Linux Computers (Gnome/Ubuntu):

  • Launch the following: Accessories -> Take Screenshot
  • Select the settings you want for your screenshot.
  • Save Image
  • Attach to your trouble ticket!

Copy & Paste

Some errors can simply be pasted into your ticket window, no need to sit there and writing it down, try to Copy (CTRL+C /  Command (⌘)-C) then in the trouble ticket paste (CTRL+V /  Command (⌘)-V) and I’ll get everything you are seeing in a error message, helps me to further diagnose things!

Sending your IP Address

A common issue is your IP address gets blocked due to login failures. It may be annoying but sadly folks are trying to guess your password most likely and I’d rather temporarily block you then to let someone in who would cause damage to your account, so I’ll need your IP address to diagnose further, the quickest and easiest way to get it, go here: – copy the number displayed, it will look like: 123.456.789.123 – copy the whole thing paste it in your ticket and I’ll investigate further!

A extra pair of eyes!

When all else fails, let’s setup a time and get a look at your computer to see if you can be assisted in real time using Google Chrome. It is a browser that is 100% free, but has some great features including a add-on to for free manage and assist on another computer remotely! So what is on your desktop you can leave it broken, not working and messy and I’ll be able to join you and help iron things out – if you are interested then grab the plugin Chrome Remote Desktop – it will install some additional software all safe and you configure and decide when someone can access (quite nice for accessing your computer while away from home too!).

Once in I can help tune things up and walk you through things on Skype/Live Chat and let you know what I’m working on and we can get you patched up without issue! All 100% free!


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