The ever popular WordPress system is an easy to install option for your website! To get started simply login to your cPanel and look for this icon:



Once in you’ll be greeted by the WordPress icon, it’s a popular install if not it’s in the Blog section on the left hand side:



Only a few more clicks to go, choose to do a new install and you’ll be asked a slew of questions:



The first are pretty basic – You can install WordPress wherever you like, maybe no directory and it lives as your main website -or- you can choose say maybe “blog” as the URL, it’s completely up to you! Other things listed like the Database Name and such feel free to leave blank defaults will work just fine!




This section I’ve highlighted a few areas but most are pretty easy to sort out yourself! The blue icon is one I recommend, it will help prevent folks from trying to guess your password by locking out users who fail to get the login right!

The two green icons are big ones I’d recommend if you don’t have your own backup plugin for WordPress like BackupBuddy or similar, if you don’t this is a GREAT add-on from the auto-installer, it gives you some backup options and it keeps them for you – quite handy indeed!

Once your done I’d recommend using the email address option below Install to send yourself the details – and that’s it! You’ll be presented with a completed install and the URL’s in which to visit your newly installed copy of WordPress!

It’s that easy – but if you find it troublesome or stuck somewhere, open a trouble ticket and I’ll be happy to help!


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