Getting mail on your smartphone is a great tool to have on the go, here’s our suggested setup! These settings were created on a iPod Touch which uses the same iOS Version as most current iPhones – if it’s not EXACTLY like your phone, follow along and if you seem to get stuck anywhere, just open a ticket and let me know where you’re stuck!

All screen shots reference this is a test domain, not one you should use, simply substitute your domain name for this dummy domain and you’ll be good to go!

Step #1

First things first, head into Settings using the icon shown here: 2013-09-16 10.27.10

Step #2

Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2013-09-16 10.27.18

Step #3

Choose Add Account….

2013-09-16 10.27.22

Step #4

From the list scroll down and choose Other

2013-09-16 10.27.27

Step #5

Choose Add Mail Account

2013-09-16 10.27.34

Step #6

Fill in the information requested:

2013-09-16 10.28.56

Step #7

This is a personal choice – IMAP keeps email on server (if your using a Desktop & Phone to check, I suggest this option on both Desktop and Phone) or POP3 which downloads the mail to your phone.

2013-09-16 10.30.32

Step #8

Fill in the information your hostname is mail.[yourdomain].com – Just fill in the requested information otherwise.

2013-09-16 10.30.38

Step #9

Outgoing settings match the same as above, just use mail.[yourdomain].com

2013-09-16 10.30.42

Step #10

The account uses SSL which works just peachy, however this error pops up, simply say Continue and it will process the final checks

2013-09-16 10.31.00

Step #11

Lastly hit Save in the upper right hand corner and you’re set!

2013-09-16 10.31.06

Step #12

You’re Ready to Go!

2013-09-16 10.31.54

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