So you signed up for the new anti-virus/anti-spam gateway provided by FlockHosting – chances are you are getting the nightly notifications now of what’s been blocked! Well if you are looking for a way to check during the day and see what is being blocked just in case you have a email coming in for a project, bank, or other that you need NOW – but it’s not coming through, well you can easily login and get a look at what’s in the quarantine without waiting for that nightly email – first you’ll need to login here:

You’ll be presented with this login screen:


Simple and to the point, login with your full email address, and email password – so if you are unsure of that password, now’s a good time to update both in your cPanel end of things 🙂

Once you login you’ll get a full listing of everything you can check in your quarantine:


This is one of my own personal accounts I have filtering, and that’s 4 pages of spam, it’s been in testing for almost 2 months and it has cleared out a TON of spam as-is, but if you find something you need, you can release it, view it and submit it for analysis – all quite handy and easy to do!

You can adjust some additional features/functions in this configuration so tread lightly I’d highly suggest sticking to the quarantine, but feel free to look around, I just wanted to give you guys a look at how to check in on things and release things to your email as needed!

Now if it’s still not getting to you, your account may still be filtering on the email server as well, and if needed we can disable that completely (but should already be disabled)!

Poke around, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to open a ticket!


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