Your login is the gateway to everything to your account – files, email, stats, databases – everything. So keeping that login safe is a very important thing, that is why we strive to ensure that any communcation between your computer and our servers has the best options for security possible for accessing your email, files, and control panel – so here are a few tips to keep your site safe, secure, and ensure that communication between you and our servers are smart, safe and secure.

Keeping Up-To-Date

Applications release updates, as do applications for the web, if you plan to install any applications or have applications pre-installed like a blog, a message board, or a similar application, please bear in mind these require updates, they require that you keep them updated and safe from people and automated attacks which aim to harm your website if for no other reason than that they can.

Some easy ways to stay on-top of the programs you utilize, but on your computer & on your website, subscribe to the product’s RSS feed, or newsletter – as new risks are found, companies release updates to ensure that your safety is kept, if your unsure of how to upgrade your application, or simply have no desire to do it yourself, check out our update services.

Secure Connections

A new addition to all servers is the addition of a valid SSL certificate to all major services such as Email, FTP, and of course Control Panel access – to utilize these secure services you can simply tell your application to use a Secure or “SSL” connection, this encrypts your login, so that others can not see your password being sent over the internet. All application walk-through’s are being updated slowly to show you how to utilize these services.

Smart Access

Most people do not consider where they connect from, the local Coffee shop, while a nice place to sit and sip your favorite hot beverage and enjoy a scone, is not the most secure location to check your email without a secure connection, your information by default in most email/ftp applications simply passes that information over the internet in a plain text or clear format so just as your reading this page, folks can intercept and capture that data, so please be mindful of locations – ask your local hotspot if they offer any type of a secure connection, some hotspots from T-Mobile, and other providers do, you can easily then surf and manage your site a little safer.

Play it Safe

Applications can get hacked – it’s a truth of the website age as it stands, a tiny program you installed 6 months ago and didn’t like is still installed – be sure to remove it and ensure that your not leaving a open door to someone to exploit your entire website.

If for any reason you see unusual activity on your website, be it massive amounts of spam sent to your blog / gallery / guestbook, open a ticket and let us know, if an attack is on-going we can at least let you know, or help curb it so that your not stuck deleting 300 comments about a “all natural enhancement” – let us know things going on, and it will help keep your website safe.


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