It’s asked quite often when starting a website “How do I get started?” a fair question for sure, you start to search for “building my first website” and suddenly you are thrown into the world of HTML, HTML5 (what happened to 1-4?), XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Perl, a CGI-BIN, XMLRPC, the list goes on and on of all the different acronyms can be scary! I know them all and they still scare me!

So let’s make it easy – you got your hosting account and you are wanting a clean and easy theme to get started with, well let’s make it easy with some great ones to choose from first batch are free second are low cost with lots of bang for your buck!

Free Themes

Church Theme (

DMS Theme (

siteorigin_themes Themes (

Spacious (


Premium Themes


Native Church (Themeforest)


LovePray (Themeforest)


 Theme Forest Themes

Got a Theme?

Help me build this list and communicate with me on what themes you are a fan of or have worked for you currently or in the past! Share some knowledge with your fellow FlockHosters!


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